Issad Income Tax & Accounting

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     Fax : (925)-822-3875

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    Mon-Fri: 09:30AM-06:30PM
    Sat : 10:00AM-04:30PM
    For client's convenience, we
    are open the sundays during
    the tax season.
    Sun : 10:00AM-4:30PM


We are full service Professional Accountants offering the following services:
 •  Individual Tax Preparation
 •  Business Tax Preparation
 •  Tax Planning & Consulting
 •  Extensions & Amendments
 •  Bookkeeping Services
 •  Payroll Services
 •  Inventory Services

We are committed to establishing quality relationships with our clients that will facilitate a lifetime of service excellence that goes beyond traditional services offered by accountants.

High Quality Service & Low-Cost Guaranteed
Is not just a words, it’s a promise.

Come to IT&A Office and pay less than you paid someone else during the previous years !!

Our clients are always right, you are number one and you deserve an exceptional experience when dealing with us.